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About Me

I move by many titles in the spaces where my work is received. Coach. Mentor. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Champion of the largest cryptocurrency network in Africa. And so on.

All these titles do the business, you know. But James Bond or MacGyver have no match. World saving stuff! I wish.

On a more serious note, Builder is more like it. An ordinary optimist, among many like-minded, doing her bit to make the world better by helping others make it.

Oh, not just at work, at home as well. A very optimistic wife and feisty homeschooling mother of 4.

My Mission

To help people make shifts that change their lives for good by helping them:

  • Make personal, financial and business decisions - Act.
  • Make better personal, financial and business decisions - Act informed.

My Context

A changing world where, thanks to technological and social progress, economic prosperity is no longer for the chosen few, but for all who dare.

My Space

The blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution where technology is transforming the nature of value and wealth, and how these are exchanged and multiplied.

My Work

Empowering others through coaching, mentoring, speaking and training.

Enabling others through an ecosystem of entrepreneurial platforms that enable them to acquire knowledge and skills, build valuable business networks and pursue opportunities presented by the new economy.

My Way

Enlisting the power of research and enquiry (questions) from which sound perspectives (answers) are derived, both of which an essential foundation for sound decision making, while leveraging my own personal journey as a sounding board.

In short: Questions > Answers > Better Decisions > Better Life Outcomes

My Vision

Long term - Advance a world where all who dare, regardless of circumstance, can make it.

Medium term - Inspire every region of the world into action, towards economic freedom.

Now - Set you on your way, right away.