Four Reasons Why Mining City is Here to Stay

Many mining companies have come and gone. There are those that will still crumble - I'm not prophesying doom but that's a fact. In this post, I highlight how you can identify scams and Ponzi schemes. I'll also share why I chose to invest in Mining City and why I think you should too. Let's get down to business. 


One noticeable thing about mining companies is that they try to keep their locations as decreet as possible. As such, their location and all are always left hidden. Some will highlight that only the top leaders of the company can visit the facility. Eventually, until the company collapses, nobody ever gets to see the facility. 

This is where Mining City is different. All members know that Mining City has a partnership with MineBest for mining. On many occasions,  members of Mining City have been to the MineBes facility at Kazakhstan and verify their authenticity. 

Staff strength and visibility

I have seen mining companies with just one staff. Do you know what that means, if the founder dies, the company dies. I know another with just 5 people. Only two were visible online, even the two online had two different Facebook profiles (the profiles had the same pictures but with different bios). Asides that, they were always giving conflicting stories about the company. Eventually, with a low staff strength, nothing is achieved, many stones are left unturned. But Mining City with a staff strength of 350 is here to stay. The founder is even available on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. 

Strong partnerships

Did you know that the best, strongest and most reliable set on businesses thrive on partnerships? Apple, for instance, was supported by Microsoft for 5 years. So at that time, whether you are using a MAC computer or a Microsoft Windows system both were financed by Microsoft. The same applies to Samsung and Apple. Both Samsung and Apple release their flagship (best of the best) phones every year, and people spend a lot of money acquiring these phones. But then, do you know Apple does produce their screens, they are actually in a partnership with Samsung. So whether you are using Apple or Samsung phones, you are using a Samsung screen. 

How does this apply to Mining City?

There are some mining companies that start out with good intentions but by making the wrong partnership with people or companies, things go south and they become scams. Mining City on its own has two strategic partnerships, the first with (one of the biggest miners on and MineBest (a company that won two awards for the best mining farms).  

Transparency and trust 

According to a popular researcher Brad Rawlins, he said transparency is the most essential element for building trust. Transparency and trust go hand in hand. Take a good look at Mining City, for instance, the company is transparent since there are information sharing and accountability at all levels. There are no baseless or empty promises in their books, newsletters, website or in any information they share. This is what makes them different from many other mining firms that make unfounded and unrealistic promises or go about sharing unfounded reality and truth. To put it into perspective, what if I told you, that there was a mining company that had three founding dates. The Owner claimed one date, the Co-Owner/Vice president claimed it was a separate date. Lastly, the highest earner said she was the first member to join the company claimed it was founded in another year. Well, today, the company no longer exists.

 Being trustworthy is not easy to achieve. Many of the mining firms that exited and crumbled had some shady deals. Some had hidden costs, hidden terms, and conditions; fake news, fake stories, fake people fake testimonials. Some of them are so fake, to the extent that the only truth about them is their name.

Mining City has never been like that and is still not like that. Rather than lie and destroy the trust they have built over the years, Mining City will rather not engage in shady deals.

Wrap up

It was great sharing this insight with you. Also, I will like to use this medium to clear somethings. For those complaining about me quitting my previous company. You need to understand something. I am Hanna Pindza, a serial entrepreneur and veteran network marketer.  I only have allegiance to the people that follow me (my team and down lines), people that are honest with me and people who care about the truth. Also, I am not swayed by opportunities. The moment I noticed somethings were shady about my former company, I moved. I didn't want to lie to my followers and the moment I saw a better opportunity, I moved myself and my followers. 

So if you also care about the truth and you are interested in this great opportunity, then shoot me an email or drop your comment in the comment section below. 

Talk to you soon.