Coaching & Mentoring

For lives to change, shifts must happen. The most critical is one that happens in the mind. This is what my coaching takes care of, i.e. helping people identify and deal with inhibitors that keep them stuck, both obvious and not so obvious.

Of course, once unstuck, you’re on your way. But which way? In other words, the ‘how’ is just as critical. What better way to know ‘how’ than through war stories of those that have walked before you. Through mentoring, I leverage my own personal journey to help people identify opportunities, assess options and develop strategies that work for them.

In short, through coaching, I get you ‘moving’ and through mentoring, I help you win.

I am a proud beneficiary of both coaching and mentoring myself. Every year, I spend thousands of dollars on training and mentorship from some of the most successful people in the world, including the likes of Robert Kiyosaki. On reflection, the results speak for themselves.

Lastly, what good is an act that stops at one person? It is for this reason my coaching and mentoring does not only focus on getting you unstuck and helping you win, but also on empowering you with coaching and mentoring skills so you can coach and mentor your own circle. After all, the bigger the circle, the greater and wider the impact.