My Context

My context is a changing world where, thanks to technological and social progress, economic prosperity is no longer for the chosen few, but for all who dare.

  • A successful career is no longer dictated by the parochial education system. Multiple pathways mean multiple options for multiple types of intelligences. Find you. Be you.
  • Individuals are no longer married to a single career. Or a single employer at a time, and thus a single source of income. In the emerging open career market, individuals can now do what they love, anywhere they want, anytime they want and earn as they want. You do life your way.
  • Access to information is now more democratic. As a result, more and more people can participate more and more meaningfully in the open global economy. Make it count.
  • The blockchain, and tech advance in general, are shifting control of transactions between people away from governments and middlemen to a new trust regime where people can transact with whomever they choose, wherever they choose and whenever they choose. Sounds of freedom.
  • Entrepreneurial success is no longer defined by sacrifice. Money can now do more work and distance than it’s ever been able to. Let it.

At last.