What To Do When a Prospect Says No

Success has never been a walk in the park, nobody has also ever promised that recruiting prospects in network marketing is going to be a smooth ride either. There could be downtimes, but it gets better as you get better. The road to success is one laced with challenges, setbacks and lots of rejection.

And that is why C.  Dixon says that

If you aren’t getting rejected on a daily basis, your goals aren’t ambitious enough.

I know it could be a little depressing when you don’t have much luck prospecting, especially when you know your success in network marketing depends on it. What then do you do when prospects say no?  Do you sit back and feel sorry for yourself?  Or do you just quit? This is what this article is all about. Sit back and read along, it promises to be worth every bit of your time. What is your next line of action when a prospect says no?

It’s best to answer this question upfront. Your next line of action is dusting your shoes, lace your boots and keep on prospecting. I know it doesn’t sound so easy, so let’s take a moment to reflect. Why have prospects been saying no to your network marketing offer?  Is there something you have not been doing right?

Jim Rhino said, Don’t wish for things to be easier, wish for you to be better.

So, let’s begin by checking out a few reasons why prospects could be saying no to your network marketing offer.

You’ve Been Talking To The Wrong People:

Network marketing is not for everyone. Some people don’t have the drive or desire for network marketing.  When you talk to prospects, take note of how attentive and ambitious they are.  It won’t do you good to get lazy and uninterested people who will likely quit in about a month or two to join your network marketing business. Instead, find a variety of people who are motivated and driven in essence, find leaders.

You Act Needy and Desperate:

When it comes to recruiting of prospects, the way you present yourself is everything. If you sound or look desperate, prospects will find it hard to trust what you have to say.  You should be confident in yourself and the opportunity you have to offer.  You are not to put unnecessary pressure on people, but to share your opportunity with them.

You Talk More and Listen Less: Maybe you talk too much. Talking too much can make the prospect overwhelmed and lose interest. Listen to them, understand their plight. Know their worries and their fears. Ensure you understand them. You don’t build a relationship by talking too much. You build a relationship by understanding each other. Ask questions and listen with genuine interest. Do less talking and get your prospect to talk. Find out what your prospect wants, and how your offer can be of help. A One-sided conversation makes you come off as desperate.

You Don’t Follow Up: Most prospects will not give a positive response on the first day you approach them. It usually takes more than one conversation before they finally make their decision. Don’t just wait for prospects to contact you, consistently follow up on them. You need to keep the conversation and relationship going and be available to answer their questions and remove their fears. This is the best way to help your prospects come to a positive decision. Prospects won’t come knocking on your door asking you to sign them up, you need to be the one to constantly follow up on them.

That being said, when a prospect rejects your financial freedom offer. You should ask them for their reasons. You should know why they are not accepting the offer.

Make them feel relaxed and ensure you get an honest answer from them. Their honest answer will help you evaluate where the problem lies. If you keep getting the same set of answers or excuses, then you need to do two things. The first is to improve your manner of communication and second is to follow the next step below.

You need to talk to more people. Do you know how many people are in the world? Do you know how many people are hungry for financial freedom information? Do you know how many people want the information you have and are even willing to pay to listen to you? So, let the NO get you closer to a YES. The truth is, the more people you talk to, the more the chances you have at getting a yes.

In his book Your First Year in Network Marketing, successful network marketer Mark Yarnelle says, accepting NO is merely part of the process of finding those who would say YES. Rejection is normal in network marketing; you can’t sign everyone no matter how perfect your business is. Not everyone will buy into your idea, so keep moving forward.

Next, when a prospect says, NO. Don’t feel bad or feel discouraged. Never let their response make you feel depressed. Instead, focus on sharing your opportunity and inviting others to take a look at your offer. Think of yourself as a solution provider, offering the opportunity of network marketing with all the benefits that come with it. Keep your self-esteem intact, some will take your offer, and some will reject it. Have a positive mind, remain motivated and move on to the next prospect.

Wrap up:

So, I took out time out of my busy schedule to draft this to help you. What is left is for you to make sense of it and put it into practice. It is a normal practice in network marketing for people to say NO to you once in a while. But it is not a practice in networking marketing to feel bad because someone said NO to you just once.

So have a lovely day ahead friends. See you in the next post.

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  1. Wow…that was so helpful in many ways..It has addressed worries and think maybe I’m not doing enough..I will keep on going on until I get my yes..
    Thank you Hannah

  2. Hanna thank you so much for this information you just revived my burning desire to continue no matter how many No i get


    Your presentation on WHAT TO DO WHEN A PROSPECT SAY “NO” has really revived my confidence.

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